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Since Mar 2012

Fast moves at the 2013 Zumba(R) Fitness Instructor Convention! Not only was this a most inspiring and supportive environment for us to come together, we learned so much to improve our skills to make our classes an even more fabulous and safe environment for your experience in our classes! I am honored an excited to share with everyone what I have learned, blending this into the class!

Loretta Bates, my Basic 1 instructor with my certificate and my friend, Yashmin. Loretta was my Basic 2 Zumba Instructor at the 2012 Convention, too. Thank you, Loretta. You set an amazing example of how a licensed Zumba Instructor should conduct a class, and on top of that, you are an extremely talented teacher!


Yashmin Wall: I would never have done this if it weren't for your encouragment, love, and support!!

Yashmin Wall and I at 2012 Zumba Convention in Orlando! My first convention, too!


More 2012

Convention fun...

2012 Zumba Convention Master Class with Maria, Walter Diaz, (me) and Betsy. As Walter said, "stand in your light!"
If this is you...then scroll down. You are NOT alone!

If you feel uncoordinated or that Zumba® is too fast for you and would LOVE to try it, you are more than welcome to try this ZUMBA GOLD® class I've created at Fid'addle Fitness! Here is a sample class I taught to beginners prior to the grand opening on May 25, 2013!



Fid'addle Fitness Ribbon Cutting event with the Town of Cary's Chamber of Commerce. Congratulations to Laura, the proud owner!


Worked up quite a sweat?! Well, yes, but this day we were teaching at Life Time Fitness at Six Forks for a Member Appreciation Day on June 29th outdoors and it poured on us! We easily moved the party indoors and had a blast! (with Yashmin Wall and Jenny Geska).

This picture to the left was snapped on July 26, 2013, during a Zumba Party in Cary, NC, at the Cary YMCA; I'm with sister Zumba instructor, and party organizer, Tameka Pettigrew! Whew, that was sooo much fun and a workout! Friday Zumba Parties: a GREAT way to wrap up a week and begin a weekend!


If you ever get a chance to join a Zumba party in your area, I highly suggest it, whether you are new to Zumba or a regular Zumba party-er! It's a great way to reduce stress; you will be energized and feeling an amazing "high" that lasts for hours, which is the great "side effect" I personally experience in all Zumba classes I'm "partying"'ll be wondering: how can fitness and burning calories be this much fun?! You'll WANT to work out! Put your Zumba classes for the upcoming week on your calendar first, working around your class times! Aren't you worth it? It's life-changing to feel this way!

Licensed To Teach

  • Zumba® Basic 2Zumba® Basic 2
    Licensed to teach regular Zumba® classes.
  • Zumba® StepZumba® Step
    Licensed to teach Zumba® Step.
  • Aqua Zumba®Aqua Zumba®
    Licensed to teach Aqua Zumba®.
  • Zumba Gold®Zumba Gold®
    Licensed to teach Zumba Gold®.